About Kingland & Kingyard Group
  Kingland Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1981, specializingin the development plastic medical devices and manufacturing of plastic mold.
Kingyard Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2014, is specialized in the production and marketing of of plastic medical devices .
Our group boosts an excellent workforce, and precision equipments, having complete control of mold designing, mold manufacturing, plastic injection molding to the final product assembly.

In the process of contract manufacturing, first of all, we design the mold to our customers specific requirement, and then produce an excellent performance mold, finally, with our professional workforce, we produce high-quality plastic products with our fast injection molding process. Because of our advanced technology and independent control of the entire process, we are able to guarantee quality and satisfaction to all of our customers.
Plastic Medical Devices Manufacturing Factory, Plastic Medical Contract Manufacturing Industry,Plastic Contract Manufacturing Factory, Medical Injection Molding Factory,Cleanroom Injection Moulding Factory.
昆良工業有限公司:塑膠醫材射出成型代工廠, 塑膠醫療器材射出成型加工工廠,塑膠零件無塵室射出成型.塑膠醫材開發設計製造 OEM,ODM.ISO13485,9001.
NO.38,Ln 100,Feng-Li Rd,
Tanzi Dist,Taichung City,Taiwan
TEL:886-4-2532-5559 *103 
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